CVC Annual Antique Radio & Electronics Sale

When: Saturday October 7, 2017 from 9 AM - Noon

Where: Stanislaus Fairgrounds, 901 N. Broadway, Turlock, CA

 The public is invited to celebrate the golden age of radio with the Central Valley Antique Radio Club 17th vintage radio sale and raffle. 100’s of old time radios, radio memorabilia, tubes parts and test equipment available for sale, free radio appraisals, radio raffle and old timey music provided by KCSS DJ Harold Peterson. Win a working vintage radio for a just a buck at the raffle. The radio event is at the front entrance to the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, 901 N. Broadway, Turlock. Sellers are welcome and a $15 donation will be requested per space. For information call Rich at 209-202-9492 or email CV Radio Club is a chapter of the California Historical Radio Society and a 501(c)3. If you would like to see or download a copy of the event flyer, click here!

CVC BBQ & Presentation of using an Mp3 player with an antique radio by Bill Warner

 On June 17th, 2017 the CVC had a BBQ including many delicious food items brought in by club members. We had good attendance and everyone was stuffed. Also, Bill Warner did a presentation, showing how to hook up an mp3 player to your antique radio. Only a few parts needed to be added to the radio and it works very well. Bill demonstrated the modification using his mp3 player and it sounded very good, keeping with the deep warm tonal qualities you expect from an antique radio. He provided a list of parts and schematics to club memebers so that they could do this themselves. You can see pictures of the BBQ & presenation, as well as schematic and parts list if you Click here !

CVC Clubhouse Repairs

 The CVC clubhouse maintained some damage to its roofing during the severe wind we had a few months ago. During the hot Summer days, Larry Gonsalves and volunteers have been re-roofing the portion of the roof that was damaged. This is no small project and club members are deeply grateful. This was ongoing even during our BBQ, so we made sure Larry was well fed. To see some pictures of the repairs in progress, Click here . Thanks Larry and everyone who has assisted on this project!!

CVC Radio Repair Classes Ongoing!

 Just a reminder, CVC Radio Repair Classes are every Wednesday from 6pm - 8pm at the clubhouse. So bring your radio, soldering iron and other repair tools, some goodies if you want and work on your own radio. There are others in the class that can assist you with your project as well!

New CVC Clubhouse!

The CVC Radio Club has restored and moved into its new club house at 5518 W. Bradbury Road in Turlock, CA 95380 (corner of Bradbury & Commons). Countless hours and hard labor went into restoring "this old house", most notably from Larry Gonsalves, Jim Silva, Matt Thompson, Rick Dalton, Harry Bohl, Bill Warner and many others. Everyone in the club contributed to the effort including many sizable donations. When we first saw the clubhouse, many thought it was hopeless. Now, when you go inside, it is something to be very proud of and a place CVC can call home. We have great attendance in the radio classes every Wednesday at 6PM and have our monthly meetings the third Saturday each month. We plan on having a "grand opening" barbeque soon, to be announced. The building is located at 5518 W. Bradbury Road on the corner of Bradbury & Commons. You can see some pictures of the clubhouse by clicking here !

CVC Monthly Meetings

Attention new members: The CVC Radio Club meets on the 3rd Saturday every month at 10:30 AM. The meetings are at 5518 W. Bradbury Road in Turlock, CA 95380 (corner of Bradbury & Commons).   DON'T FORGET: The cabinet repair class is still ongoing after our meetings and starts at 12 noon, same location. 

Radio Cabinet Refinishing Class Popular to Club Members

CVC radio cabinet refinishing instructor Jim Silva doesn't mind giving out advice to anyone who needs advanced help on tackling a tough restoration job, he’s counting on someone needing his help. Jim has been restoring radio cabinets of all sizes for over ten years and he knows that the skill of cabinet refinishing can’t be learned easily. For that reason, Jim teaches a cabinet restoration class after each Central Valley Chapter general meeting starting at 12 noon on the third Saturday of the month at the CVC clubhouse. “Hands- on is everything when you are restoring cabinets,” Silva says, “ there are many steps and ways to get a finished product, but it’s worth it when you see your work turned into a beautiful thing.” Three to four members attend Silva’s monthly class.  View some class photos  here .

Anyone interested in learning the fine points of radio cabinet restoration should attend a class and learn what is needed to get started. The CVC does require that one become a member to attend the regular class, however, just a look and see and a little advice costs nothing. Yearly dues to be a CVC member is $30. For additional information you can call Eddie Enrique at (209) 324-3093.